TERRA+ joins INTECMED’s Incubator in the Mediterranean

  • Jul 18, 2022
TERRA+ joins INTECMED’s Incubator in the Mediterranean

TERRA+ is proud to participate to INTECMED’s Incubator in the Mediterranean, the EIT Digital Venture Program.

The INTECMED project (Incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean) has launched a call for innovative business ideas and startups linked to the research community in Greece, Spain and Egypt and linked to the agri-food and handicrafts sectors in Tunisia.

The 12 most promising proposals will receive sub-grants for the development of new and innovative products and services. These sub-grants are aimed at financing the starting phase of these initiatives, which should also be co-financed by other investors.

Moreover, the 12 selected candidates will have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Coworking spaces
  • Joint training programmes in key areas of expertise: business and finance, sales, product development and legal aspects.
  • Specialized coaching and individual mentoring
  • National and international networking activities to find forms of cooperation and develop new products, services and technologies
  • B-to-B meetings and international seminars
  • Access to an online platform to connect with researchers, entrepreneurs and key personnel on the innovative supply chain

The potential candidates to apply for this call are:

  • Entrepreneurs and SMEs linked to innovation and research
  • Universities and research centres
  • PhD Students looking to commercialize their findings
  • Other innovators aiming at retain competitiveness and capitalise on new markets using key enabling technologies (nanotechnologies, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing and processing—production technologies—and biotechnology).

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