Yard Environmental Monitoring

monitor environmental conditions from production to transportation.

Modernize cultivation and boost production by increasing the awareness of the conditions the plants grow.

Deliver real time access and monitoring of environmental parameters vital for the cultivations such as temperature, humidity (soil & air), light and wind and support producers and agriculturists towards the improvement of irrigation and fertilization plans.


TERRA+ adopts open standards and best practices to integrate with multidisciplinary data sources that significantly improves the awareness of the producer regarding his production

IoT infrastructure

Cloud Services


The convergence of information and communications technology (ICT) and more traditional production domains, like agriculture, can unlock significant business value. Thus, IoT has grown from niche to necessity. TERRA+ identifies this opportunity and supports interconnectivity with a variety of interfaces. These interfaces span from the conventional human driven content (web & smartphone user interfaces) to smart devices deployed on the field and cloud services that serve auxiliary content.

Key Characteristics

The key characteristics that TERRA+ encompasses to deliver the required awareness of the production are:

  • Integration with popular meteorological stations (e.g. Davis)
  • Integration with commercial off the shelf IoT devices (soil/air humidity, ambient light, temperature)
  • Interconnection with cloud services
  • Data aggregation & analytics for delivering semantically enriched information
  • Intuitive dashboards