Product Digital Profile

retrieve and trace product information via a simple QR code scan.

Traceable and credible digital profile for your products.

Iconic characteristics, unique cultivation techniques and certifications can all be translated in bits & bytes and reflect the lifecycle of the product from farm to fork. Artisanal or industrial winemakers are empowered with validated technology that reflect the unique terroirs, grape varieties’ characteristics, and traditions of the vineyard. This quality assurance practice delivers to the consumers fine quality products with added value.


Blockhain - enabled TERRA+ platform guarantees that the lifecycle of your product will be transparently logged tamper-proof, delivering the much-needed transparency, efficiency, and added security.

On the other hand, consumers’ awareness about the relevance of food safety and health has been greatly increased, whereas their trust in the origin and quality of food diminished. At the same time, local and organic food is perceived as healthier and safer. A reliable certification and traceability system is required to track the origin of these products and guarantee the unique characteristics of cultivation, processing, transportation and storage from farm to fork.

Key Characteristics

Terra+ is an innovative platform that aims to build trust, transparency and traceability to the supply chain of the agrifood domain.

Terra+ is based on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by smart contracts brings distributed coordination and supervision over participants of the supply chain that do not trust each other.

  • Promote precision agriculture
  • Immutable wine digital profile
  • Safety and transparency across supply-chain
  • Trust with consumers
  • Validated technology
  • Traceable and Protected Fine Quality Bottles of Wine
  • User Data
  • Sensor Data
  • 3rd Party Services
  • Photos/Documents

Goods are produced and distributed through a vast network of producers, retailers, distributors, transporters and suppliers in a complex arrangement of processes for managing contracts, payments, labelling, sealing, logistics, anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud.

Trade and financing require a tremendous amount of trust between transacting parties to hedge against all of the vulnerabilities the industry’s complexity allows.

The platform collects and stores on the blockchain multiple modalities varying from IoT devices that describe the environmental conditions to certifications issued by public or private authorities.

All goods are uniquely identified and can be transferred via the Terra+, with each transaction verified and time-stamped in an encrypted but transparent process.

The terms of each transaction remain irrevocable and immutable, open to inspection to everyone or to authorised auditors while smart contracts are employed to automate payments and procedures.

All this information that is registered and transferred via Terra+, form the digital profile of the asset which is built step by step during its lifecycle on the supply chain.

This digital profile is delivered to the consumer via a QR code that is printed on the final product. The consumer can instantly retrieve these data through his smartphone.

Terra+ powered by Ethereum adds value to the final product through the multi modal data sources, the immutable recording of all transactions and secure automation of processes.